Property Registration

Transferring Title, Registering Mortgage on Properties

Registration When Buying a Real Estate

All the lands and most buildings(*1) in Japan are registered at the Legal Affairs Bureau, and the registration should be filed when there is a transfer of title, change of address of the owner, inheritance of property and establishment of mortgage on the property, and so on. Your purchase of a real estate is perfected by real estate registration. If you miss the registration, your property may be registered by another party. Once the registration is completed by others, it is very difficult for you to claim a property is yours, because the party who registers the property earlier than you will be deemed as the true owner of the property by the court. This is called the countervailing power of the real estate registration.

We will support your purchase of real properties by preparing contracts and other documents, and working as your agent in registration.

*1 All the buildings should be registered by law, but, in actuality, there are unregistered buildings, especially when they are old.

Real estate acquisition by inheritance

If you acquire a property by inheritance, you have to register your name and address on the real estate registry to claim you are the owner. We will support your registration procedure with in-depth knowledge of Japanese family law and registration law. Ask us to investigate the current status of the property based on the certificate of registration, and to draft an affidavit and a legacy division conference document that are necessary for property registration.

Establishing a Mortgage on Real Properties

A real property is often used as a collateral for a loan. We also offer the service of documentation and registration of secured loans. The collateral for a loan is not limited to real properties. Movables and claims can be the collaterals for loans.